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I do think that I am kinda healthier than before but and I have been experiencing more discomfort in the airways recently, and now my nose is causing me trouble too.

What bothers me most right now is that smoky smell that nobody else seem to notice.. I'm not going crazy and not only can I smell the smoke it's almost like a burning sensation in my nose and lungs.

his happened a while ago when I was by myself in Kagoshima, I keep smelling smoke even when the apartment there was brand new when we moved in, we don't smoke and didn't let anyone smoke in it. I met quite a lot of people who smoked so at first I thought maybe it's from these people but I could smell it everywhere to the point where I went and bought odor neutraliser sprays and stuff to try and get rid of the smell, even though the non-smokers I asked always told me they couldn't smell a thing.

It started again yesterday. I asked Paul a few times if he could smell it, but of course the answer each time was no.
This smell is really annoying.
I don't smoke and I generally prefer to avoid spending time in smoky places or with people who smoke. I haven't been hanging out with anyone who smokes recently so I have no idea how this came about this time.

Our place is still rather messy, I just don't know how to go about it. I try to do a bit here and there, but never could manage to get it all done, and then it just slowly (or quickly) becomes just as messy, if not worse.
I am paranoid of all the dust mites and god knows what else is accumulating in here. My nose has been going crazy on and off each day, and I'm not breathing any better. I know I have to really clean this place up, but it's easier said than done. There's just stuff everywhere..

Those little red dots that just suddenly started to appear on Paul's upper body is also a little unsettling, could it be from the  dustmites?
It might be some sort of allergic reaction, but what could be the cause?

As soon as I get a tiny little rash on my face I start to panic. I have had enough trauma with my skin problems during my high school years that I just cannot bear the thought of it coming back. Another reason I am so anxious to get this place cleaned up.

It may be rather lame but these are the reasons/excuses why this place has gotten to the way it is:
- We didn't really have any times to properly "move in" here
- Our schedules have been somewhat messed up (and still are..)
- It's been rather hot and we don't have aircon upstairs (and I don't cope too well with the heat..)
- We still haven't installed lights in the rooms upstairs
- When we do get a proper break, we're too busy catching up on laziness that we'd been so deprived of during the long work weeks
- We have accumulated way too much junk and haven't been getting rid of unnecessary stuff diligently
- It's rather troublesome to get rid of cardboard boxes (either have to rip it up into tiny pieces and throw it out as burnable rubbish, or wait for that once a month tiny window of opportunity to cart it down the road... did I mention we only have bicycles?) so we have a lot shoved here and there around the house.
- We don't have a balcony or even the tiniest bit of outdoor space apart from the laundry poles out the windows so putting stuff out to baske in the sun is rather troublesome