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happy smile

Happy Day ^-^

Didn't get as much of the stuff I'd intended to do today as I'd hoped but got quite a bit out of the day anyway.

I couldn't sleep very well last night so I was rather tires this morning and slept in till around 10.

We went out for an early sushi lunch and picked up a few cool t-shirts from Uniqlo afterwards before heading down to the newly opened Round One for some karaoke fun.

After saturing our appetite for singing we headed back to Apita and got some super cute sockies then came home with groceries and I started on the chicken.

The chicken was a little overcooked but nonetheless very very tasty. I am so full now.

Glad we went out for that run along the river before dinner, that should help balance the high meat consumption a little bit at least (hopefully.)

I sent out my application and papers for the economic stimulation package today so hopefully I get the 12000yen deposited into my bank account soon.

I'm gonna use that to get myself a nice little present... I'm gonna get a shamisen!
Since I'm only just starting out and still in a financially tight situation, I'm gonna just get a cheapie little one to practice with until I can actually play something and have a little bit more to spend before I get a tsugaru shamisen (bigger, cooler sounds and more expensive with a starting price of around 40000yen.)
I'm so excited!

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