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I hate going to the dentist and this proves it!

I just posted this "feedback" regarding my experience at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne:

"Went into the Dental Hospital last Tuesday because of pain when chewing, drinking and brushing.
Was seen by a student and she did some small tests to see what the problem was: 2 of my teeth are pushed in/grown in a different row to my other teeth, they are decayed and the filling have chipped off so the pulp (?) is a inflammed. She and a supervising dentist (?) advised that I have the two teeth taken out the next day. I was seen by a different student the next day and they couldn't find my file so he made a new file (and asked me the standard medical questions which the student on the previous day had not asked.) The dentist and the student both persuaded me to have the teeth taken out as it would "solve all my problems" and I agreed. They had trouble taking out the tooth on the right and it finally snapped off (I realised after coming home that the tooth next to it may have been chipped as well.) They said they can't get the tooth out but I'm no worse off than before anyway because I'll be able to clean the other teeth next to it a lot better now. I was told they will refer me to a specialist (it will take around 2 weeks for them to contact me...) so I went home with a prescription of antibiotics and was told to take pain killers if I feel any pain. When the anaesthetics wore off, I was in so much pain I felt nauseous and broke out in a cold sweat. I've been on liquid food since, and now instead of experiencing pain and sensitivity when I eat or drink, the whole area is painful even when I try to speak or swallow! I am in a lot more pain now, I can't eat or drink properly at all, I can't even speak properly, I am also getting headaches from it and I have trouble sleeping because of it. I feel a whole lot worse off than before I went in but apparently I don't count as "emergency" any more..."

I much much perfer dental treatment in Japan.



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