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Current thoughts: What do I really want?

1) Improve our current situation

2) Get rid of debts

3) Have some savings

4) Get a decent job somwhere that does not involve teaching English

5) Complete a new degree that will help me achieve the above

6) Get out of this crappy apartment

7) Move somewhere to settle for a while, long enough to not feel like everything's just temporary

8) Do dragon boat

9) Reconnect with old friends and make new friends that I can relate to and not feel like they are just another aquaintance who I won't keep in touch with when I move again

10) Stop having to worry about making "enough" money to take care of family problems

I've been thinking about maybe moving back to Australia soon, but now that I've been thinking about it for a while and listing stuff down; the problems are still going to be there regardless of where we are. It's difficult for me to find non-teaching work in Japan but it's not like it'll be a lot easier for me to find a job in Australia when I've been away for such a long time already.
I think I'll just have to work really hard on 4) and 5) and it should help with the other stuff eventually.

Must stay grounded and be positive.



Chris is off to Australia in April but I doubt you'll be back by then! His brother is moving to Australia potentially for good. Hope you're feeling happier now.