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happy smile

Some current goals

I've been getting up relatively early (before 9am) the past few days and have been practicing on the shamisen each day.
I also go through a bunch of kanji on this iPhone application each day.
This morning was quite nice and cool
so we went out for a jog along the river.
I feel good.

Hopefully I'll be able to continue this routine.

I really want to achieve these three things before my birthday next year:
- shed a few kilos of flab and have better toned arms, stomach, butt etc.
- be able to play a whole song on the shamisen without hitting the wrong notes or messing up the timing
- pass the JLPT

And if it's not too much to ask, I'd also like to:
- get a new, better paying, more satisfying job.. and start saving
- move somewhere with outside space (balcony or tiny yard space... just need something more than just having the back door open to a parking lot!)

I don't think it's impossible to reach these goals, I just need to work really work and stay focused I guess.

For the shamisen and Japanese I have started a new blog to motivate myself. It's titled 三味線と日本語と私 - Shamisen and Japanese and Me. I post entries primarily in Japanese, but I have been typing translations for all the posts I've made so far.

I think I may have hit the bottom of my rut and slowly climbing out of it.

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