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Positive things

With the string of days of I had for most of the week, I was able to cook up a lot of stuff I'd been wanting to make for a while.

caramelised pumpkin with miso and soy

the rye bread, crustier this time but still moist an tasty

corned beef dinner

the corned beef turned out quite well this time, not overcooked and not so dried out as the previous few times

Been somewhat consistently studying kanji, thanks to the program we bought on iTunes.

Anderson's coming to visit around early November so I am rather excited about that. It means I can't put off cleaning up this place for much longer. I can't wait till we have a tidy-ish place!

Another thing I'm excited about is my shamisen. I just got a call from the takkyubin guys saying they'll deliver it around 13:30. Yay!!

I'm hoping to get into a regular routine of an hour of exercise and/or an hour of shamisen practicing in the morning, plus an hour or two of studying each day.

Going out for a jog 3 mornings a week and shammying 3 or 4 mornings a week would be ideal.
Most of the studying I do will probably be done on my long train rides to and from work.

I'm going to concentrate on cleaning up the downstairs areas and changing and all the bed sheets and stuff. Doing a lot of washing today. Make hay while the sun is shining ne.

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