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happy smile

Rest Day at Home

Paul's out all day today in Kiyosato (highlands in Yamanashi) to play tennis and have lunch and dinner with Kazumi, Shawn, Ayaka and Maiko.
I was meant to go too as it's kinda for Kazumi's birthday.. but one: I'm not feeling too good, and two: I really need to get this place tidied up because with the all this stuff just sitting around gathering dust it'll just make my asthma an skin worse.

I went to the hospital nearby before work yesterday morning and was totally unimpressed with the doctor there.
He clearly was not familiar with asthmatic patients and didn't really give me an examination or diagnosis either; he just asked me what was wrong and what medicine I needed.
I guess its not his fault if its not his field of specialization. At least he pointed me to another hospital that has respiratory specialists. I am breathing a bit better now after being on the misty stuff for about 10mins and also have been using serevent.

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