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happy smile

So far this is what I've done with my 5-day weekend:

On Sunday, we went out to Saruhashi for fun afternoon of rafting on followed by a lovely dinner at an Indian place somewhere south of Kofu.

Yesterday was just a lazy day apart from the early morning dentist trip and a late afternoon ward office trip out to get my gaijin card and medical insurance card updated/renewed.
The trip to the dentist wasn't so bad afterall, the place was just down the road, nice and clean and it didn't hurt or anything. I need quite a few fillings done, as expected. I am glad that our dentist seem to take the nip-it-in-the-bud approach; I so disagree with dentists who tell you that you have a little cavity somewhere but it doesn't need to be worked on until it gets bigger.

Today hasn't been much more productive either, but I guess I still have a couple of hours to do a bit more.
I went out to Saty, the local shopping center, to get some groceries and was rathered pleased to find that they have now installed proper recycling bins for polystyrene trays, bottles and milk cartons; just like what our local supermarket in Osaka had. One of the many reasons I dislike where we are living now is how recycling-unfriendly this neighbourhood is, so in that regard I am now not so unsatisfied.
I think I'll hang out the laundry and ride out with all those milk cartons that we've been holding onto since months and months ago (because we keep forgetting when to take to out the recyclables each month, and if we miss it, we have to wait till the next month...)
After that I'll come home and do the dishes then start on dinner and wait for Paul to come home from work.

Last week I went out and picked up my visa and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was given a 3 year visa as opposed to the 1 year ones I've been getting. At first I didn't even know, it wasn't until Ayaka (whom I met up with afterwards for a drink,) asked me about it that I looked at it properly.
Now that I have my visa renewed and everything, I can actuall apply for new jobs!
I've been meaning to update/redo my Japanese resume so that I can apply for jobs so hopefully I'll get it done this week. I want to check out the job center in Kofu too, but I'm not sure if i'll have the time to make a trip out in the remaining two days of my long weekend.

At the moment, my plans for tomorrow are:
  • fold up the dried laundry and hopefully be able to put it all away somehow
  • aggressively throw out clothes and stuff I don't really use any more
  • make some of that sour cream rye bread
  • if it defrosts in time, roast that chicken (it's quite normal in Australia but here in Japan it's next to impossible to get a whole chicken so I was rather happy when I came  across it at the department store supermarket last week.)
  • rewrite some of the content in my resume
  • relax with Paul (he has a day off tomorrow too, yay!)

Recently Paul went out and bought the game "Taiko no Tatsujin" for the Wii and we have both been enjoying it, however, as much as I don't want to, I am, sadly, very bad at it. My dreams of looking cool playing huge drums are now completely shattered.
Hence I have been reading a lot about the shamisen these days. I don't think I'll ever be really good at it, but I think it will be fun to learn.
While I've always wanted to take taiko lessons, I have also been thinking about learning the shamisen seeing that it's more portable and seeming a little more affordable as I can get a cheapish one to start with and just learn at home with a dvd and guidebook. 
I have decided that when I am not so tight with cash, I will actually buy a shamisen and start learning by myself.
Maybe one day Paul and I can play a piece or two together with him on drums and me on the shamisen. That would just be awesome.

I better get off the computer and hang up the laundry and head out to the shops because it's too late. I really want to get rid of the piles of PET bottles and milk cartons we have.