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5th Apr, 2010


I hate going to the dentist and this proves it!

I just posted this "feedback" regarding my experience at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne:

"Went into the Dental Hospital last Tuesday because of pain when chewing, drinking and brushing.
Was seen by a student and she did some small tests to see what the problem was: 2 of my teeth are pushed in/grown in a different row to my other teeth, they are decayed and the filling have chipped off so the pulp (?) is a inflammed. She and a supervising dentist (?) advised that I have the two teeth taken out the next day. I was seen by a different student the next day and they couldn't find my file so he made a new file (and asked me the standard medical questions which the student on the previous day had not asked.) The dentist and the student both persuaded me to have the teeth taken out as it would "solve all my problems" and I agreed. They had trouble taking out the tooth on the right and it finally snapped off (I realised after coming home that the tooth next to it may have been chipped as well.) They said they can't get the tooth out but I'm no worse off than before anyway because I'll be able to clean the other teeth next to it a lot better now. I was told they will refer me to a specialist (it will take around 2 weeks for them to contact me...) so I went home with a prescription of antibiotics and was told to take pain killers if I feel any pain. When the anaesthetics wore off, I was in so much pain I felt nauseous and broke out in a cold sweat. I've been on liquid food since, and now instead of experiencing pain and sensitivity when I eat or drink, the whole area is painful even when I try to speak or swallow! I am in a lot more pain now, I can't eat or drink properly at all, I can't even speak properly, I am also getting headaches from it and I have trouble sleeping because of it. I feel a whole lot worse off than before I went in but apparently I don't count as "emergency" any more..."

I much much perfer dental treatment in Japan.

15th Jan, 2010


Current thoughts: What do I really want?

1) Improve our current situation

2) Get rid of debts

3) Have some savings

4) Get a decent job somwhere that does not involve teaching English

5) Complete a new degree that will help me achieve the above

6) Get out of this crappy apartment

7) Move somewhere to settle for a while, long enough to not feel like everything's just temporary

8) Do dragon boat

9) Reconnect with old friends and make new friends that I can relate to and not feel like they are just another aquaintance who I won't keep in touch with when I move again

10) Stop having to worry about making "enough" money to take care of family problems

I've been thinking about maybe moving back to Australia soon, but now that I've been thinking about it for a while and listing stuff down; the problems are still going to be there regardless of where we are. It's difficult for me to find non-teaching work in Japan but it's not like it'll be a lot easier for me to find a job in Australia when I've been away for such a long time already.
I think I'll just have to work really hard on 4) and 5) and it should help with the other stuff eventually.

Must stay grounded and be positive.

8th Oct, 2009


(no subject)

Right now, I am cranky and irrational.
I haven't slept properly all night; kept awake by a blardy mosquito.
I can't believe we tried to sleep with it buzzing around all night! Totally annoyed with the fact that I didn't/couldn't just get up and turn the lights on and kill it. Yes, I want to KILL IT! I'd wanted to get rid of it before I got into bed but I refrained shortly after a couple of tries as I didn't want to disgruntle Paul who was already in bed.
Well, next time I will definitely rid the room of mosquitoes before getting in to bed. It's just stupid not to. Plain stupid.

11th Sep, 2009

happy smile

(no subject)

I asked Paul to accompany me this morning to the Chuo hospital and saw a 耳鼻咽喉科 (ear, nose, throat) doctor and got some proer medicine for my problems.
Now that's taken care of, hopefully I can breathe better and sleep better.

The shami is pretty much part of my morning routine now, so is the kanji revision.
Next thing to add to it is the exercise part, and maybe a bit more Japanese study.

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9th Sep, 2009

happy smile

Some current goals

I've been getting up relatively early (before 9am) the past few days and have been practicing on the shamisen each day.
I also go through a bunch of kanji on this iPhone application each day.
This morning was quite nice and cool
so we went out for a jog along the river.
I feel good.

Hopefully I'll be able to continue this routine.

I really want to achieve these three things before my birthday next year:
- shed a few kilos of flab and have better toned arms, stomach, butt etc.
- be able to play a whole song on the shamisen without hitting the wrong notes or messing up the timing
- pass the JLPT

And if it's not too much to ask, I'd also like to:
- get a new, better paying, more satisfying job.. and start saving
- move somewhere with outside space (balcony or tiny yard space... just need something more than just having the back door open to a parking lot!)

I don't think it's impossible to reach these goals, I just need to work really work and stay focused I guess.

For the shamisen and Japanese I have started a new blog to motivate myself. It's titled 三味線と日本語と私 - Shamisen and Japanese and Me. I post entries primarily in Japanese, but I have been typing translations for all the posts I've made so far.

I think I may have hit the bottom of my rut and slowly climbing out of it.

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6th Sep, 2009

happy smile

Positive things

With the string of days of I had for most of the week, I was able to cook up a lot of stuff I'd been wanting to make for a while.

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Been somewhat consistently studying kanji, thanks to the program we bought on iTunes.

Anderson's coming to visit around early November so I am rather excited about that. It means I can't put off cleaning up this place for much longer. I can't wait till we have a tidy-ish place!

Another thing I'm excited about is my shamisen. I just got a call from the takkyubin guys saying they'll deliver it around 13:30. Yay!!

I'm hoping to get into a regular routine of an hour of exercise and/or an hour of shamisen practicing in the morning, plus an hour or two of studying each day.

Going out for a jog 3 mornings a week and shammying 3 or 4 mornings a week would be ideal.
Most of the studying I do will probably be done on my long train rides to and from work.

I'm going to concentrate on cleaning up the downstairs areas and changing and all the bed sheets and stuff. Doing a lot of washing today. Make hay while the sun is shining ne.

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happy smile

Rest Day at Home

Paul's out all day today in Kiyosato (highlands in Yamanashi) to play tennis and have lunch and dinner with Kazumi, Shawn, Ayaka and Maiko.
I was meant to go too as it's kinda for Kazumi's birthday.. but one: I'm not feeling too good, and two: I really need to get this place tidied up because with the all this stuff just sitting around gathering dust it'll just make my asthma an skin worse.

I went to the hospital nearby before work yesterday morning and was totally unimpressed with the doctor there.
He clearly was not familiar with asthmatic patients and didn't really give me an examination or diagnosis either; he just asked me what was wrong and what medicine I needed.
I guess its not his fault if its not his field of specialization. At least he pointed me to another hospital that has respiratory specialists. I am breathing a bit better now after being on the misty stuff for about 10mins and also have been using serevent.

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5th Sep, 2009


(no subject)

I do think that I am kinda healthier than before but and I have been experiencing more discomfort in the airways recently, and now my nose is causing me trouble too.

What bothers me most right now is that smoky smell that nobody else seem to notice.. I'm not going crazy and not only can I smell the smoke it's almost like a burning sensation in my nose and lungs.

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2nd Sep, 2009

happy smile

Happy Day ^-^

Didn't get as much of the stuff I'd intended to do today as I'd hoped but got quite a bit out of the day anyway.

I couldn't sleep very well last night so I was rather tires this morning and slept in till around 10.

We went out for an early sushi lunch and picked up a few cool t-shirts from Uniqlo afterwards before heading down to the newly opened Round One for some karaoke fun.

After saturing our appetite for singing we headed back to Apita and got some super cute sockies then came home with groceries and I started on the chicken.

The chicken was a little overcooked but nonetheless very very tasty. I am so full now.

Glad we went out for that run along the river before dinner, that should help balance the high meat consumption a little bit at least (hopefully.)

I sent out my application and papers for the economic stimulation package today so hopefully I get the 12000yen deposited into my bank account soon.

I'm gonna use that to get myself a nice little present... I'm gonna get a shamisen!
Since I'm only just starting out and still in a financially tight situation, I'm gonna just get a cheapie little one to practice with until I can actually play something and have a little bit more to spend before I get a tsugaru shamisen (bigger, cooler sounds and more expensive with a starting price of around 40000yen.)
I'm so excited!

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1st Sep, 2009

happy smile

(no subject)

So far this is what I've done with my 5-day weekend:

On Sunday, we went out to Saruhashi for fun afternoon of rafting on followed by a lovely dinner at an Indian place somewhere south of Kofu.

Yesterday was just a lazy day apart from the early morning dentist trip and a late afternoon ward office trip out to get my gaijin card and medical insurance card updated/renewed.
The trip to the dentist wasn't so bad afterall, the place was just down the road, nice and clean and it didn't hurt or anything. I need quite a few fillings done, as expected. I am glad that our dentist seem to take the nip-it-in-the-bud approach; I so disagree with dentists who tell you that you have a little cavity somewhere but it doesn't need to be worked on until it gets bigger.

Today hasn't been much more productive either, but I guess I still have a couple of hours to do a bit more.
I went out to Saty, the local shopping center, to get some groceries and was rathered pleased to find that they have now installed proper recycling bins for polystyrene trays, bottles and milk cartons; just like what our local supermarket in Osaka had. One of the many reasons I dislike where we are living now is how recycling-unfriendly this neighbourhood is, so in that regard I am now not so unsatisfied.
I think I'll hang out the laundry and ride out with all those milk cartons that we've been holding onto since months and months ago (because we keep forgetting when to take to out the recyclables each month, and if we miss it, we have to wait till the next month...)
After that I'll come home and do the dishes then start on dinner and wait for Paul to come home from work.

Last week I went out and picked up my visa and was pleasantly surprised to find that I was given a 3 year visa as opposed to the 1 year ones I've been getting. At first I didn't even know, it wasn't until Ayaka (whom I met up with afterwards for a drink,) asked me about it that I looked at it properly.
Now that I have my visa renewed and everything, I can actuall apply for new jobs!
I've been meaning to update/redo my Japanese resume so that I can apply for jobs so hopefully I'll get it done this week. I want to check out the job center in Kofu too, but I'm not sure if i'll have the time to make a trip out in the remaining two days of my long weekend.

At the moment, my plans for tomorrow are:
  • fold up the dried laundry and hopefully be able to put it all away somehow
  • aggressively throw out clothes and stuff I don't really use any more
  • make some of that sour cream rye bread
  • if it defrosts in time, roast that chicken (it's quite normal in Australia but here in Japan it's next to impossible to get a whole chicken so I was rather happy when I came  across it at the department store supermarket last week.)
  • rewrite some of the content in my resume
  • relax with Paul (he has a day off tomorrow too, yay!)

Recently Paul went out and bought the game "Taiko no Tatsujin" for the Wii and we have both been enjoying it, however, as much as I don't want to, I am, sadly, very bad at it. My dreams of looking cool playing huge drums are now completely shattered.
Hence I have been reading a lot about the shamisen these days. I don't think I'll ever be really good at it, but I think it will be fun to learn.
While I've always wanted to take taiko lessons, I have also been thinking about learning the shamisen seeing that it's more portable and seeming a little more affordable as I can get a cheapish one to start with and just learn at home with a dvd and guidebook. 
I have decided that when I am not so tight with cash, I will actually buy a shamisen and start learning by myself.
Maybe one day Paul and I can play a piece or two together with him on drums and me on the shamisen. That would just be awesome.

I better get off the computer and hang up the laundry and head out to the shops because it's too late. I really want to get rid of the piles of PET bottles and milk cartons we have.

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